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Author of Fandom Fairytales

AutobiographyJournal Information

I’ve been writing and publishing fan fiction for about a dozen years. I never realized that the little stories that I wrote while bored in my college classes actually had a name and fan base until my first foray into the internet and fandom. I started in the Emergency! and Adam-12 fandom, but unfortunetly those and my Bonanza stories have been lost to cyberspace. With my next attempt at fandom, The West Wing, I learned to catalogue my fiction better, these stories are slowly being transferred to this journal. My stories are not the best nor perfect by any means, but they take me away from my life for a few hours and hopefully they will do that for you as well.

Journal Information

This is strictly a writing journal. The stories range from K to M+ ratings, but they tend to stick to the lighter, general end of the scale. Most of my stories are romance and/or family stories as I fail miserably writing cases and/or mysteries. Some of the stories do include Slash and Threesomes, but these are all in long-term, committed relationships. Many stories may include Original Characters (OC), mostly children and supporting characters, which have hopefully been fully developed.

Major Fandoms and Pairings Listing

… BJ Hunnicut/Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce (Slash)
… Charles Winchester III/Eleanor Carlyle
… Charles Winchester III/Margaret Houlihan

Sapphire & Steel
… Sapphire/Steel

The District
… Phil Brander/Nancy Parras

The West Wing
… Leo McGarry/Margaret Hopper (who I called Ryan before we learned her last name.)
… Jed Barlett/Abby Barlett
… CJ Cregg/Toby Zeigler
… Josh Lyman/Donna Moss (tends to be angsty)
… Sam Seaborn/Mallory O’Brien
… Nancy (Presidential Assistant)/Ron Butterfield

… LJ Gibbs/Abby Sciuto
… LJ Gibbs/Abby Sciuto/Donald “Ducky” Mallard (Threesome)
… Tony DiNozzo/Maddie Tyler

… Larry Flienhart/Megan Reeves
… Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger (Slash)
… Don Eppes/Billy Cooper/Melinda Reeves (OC) (Threesome)
… Alan Eppes/Millie Finch

Other Fandoms
… Bones
… Cold Case
… Criminal Minds
… Crossing Jordan
… Emergency!
… Law and Order (All versions)

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