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The very, very, very dear jenwryn wrote an amazing and beautiful Maddie/Tony for me called Home. I insist you go enjoy it as much as I did.

Also, my darling citymusings wrote a sweet and tender story that a stole an idea from for my second series. (It's okay, I asked first.) Go read Her Letters



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fandom fairytales from philleegirl

Hawaii 5-0 Beta?

Posted this to hawaii50betas, but thought maybe someone on my flist could help me out.

Title: Untitled at the moment, but being called Ohana Something in my head.
Genre: This may change, but right now it is Kidfic, Slash, possible Threesome element, OC's and OC Deathfic
Rating: I don't think it will stray much beyond PG-13/R cat.
Pairings or Characters: Steve/Danny, Grace, Rachel, OC's with some Kono, Chin and maybe Jenna
Type of beta: Content, voice, plot. My grammar is pretty good, but this story is getting out of control. I've got over 6000 words and haven't hit the main plot, so I need a good content/flow beta. Also, I've been writing this in present tense, which is weird for me and I need someone to make sure I'm not screwing up.
Length: Has to be 40,000, but I'm beginning to worry that it will be more.
Short Summary: Post Season Finale. Danny's best friend, Carrie, and her two kids are an important part of his life. Now that he and Steve are finally together, Danny wants them to be an important part of Steve's life too. A visit to Hawaii and a tragedy back in Jersey insures this.

My email is my username at gmail, if you rather contact me that way.

fandom fairytales from philleegirl

Hawaii 5-0 (2010) Fic: Surfboard Shopping

Title: Surfboard Shopping
Pairing/Characters: Danny/Steve, Grace
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Yeah, right. Not mine, not making money... at anything.
Summary: Shopping for a surfboard for Grace leads to more.
Author's note: Very first H50 thing I wrote back in Oct. 2010, but wasn’t going to get involved in the fandom. Yeah, that didn’t work out, so I figured this works for Father’s Day.

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fandom fairytales from philleegirl

Hawaii 5-0 (2010) Fic: Capital Health Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center

Title: Capital Health Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center
Fandom: Hawaii 5-0 (2010)
Characters/Pairing: Williams Family OC’s, Danny Williams, Grace Williams, Steve McGarrett. Steve/Danny in a vague sense
Word Count: 800 (how’d I do that?)
Rating: K
Summary: Danny’s Dad isn’t sure how to help his son cope.
Spoilers: 1.18 "Loa Aloha" in a general sense
Author's Notes: So, I was NOT ever going to post a H50 story. Nope, just wasn’t going to do it, even if there are several sitting in my google docs folder waiting for a beta. Then, I saw Sheafrotherdon’s Steve Glomps Danny comment fic pos and frankly it fit a scene that has been swimming in my head for months now so well that I had to post. First thing I’ve published in about 18 months, which is insane and scary. Also, written in present tense, which is so not my style.

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fandom fairytales from philleegirl

Lewis Fic: Revelation

Title: Revelation
Fandom: Lewis
Characters/Pairing: James Hathaway, Jean Innocent, Robbie Lewis/Laura Hobson, with a special cameo
Word Count: 459
Rating: K
Summary: "I wonder what they talk about over breakfast?"
Author's Notes: No spoilers, but I can see this happening during the third season. The idea is based on part of the interview with Rebecca Front for the Behind the Scenes of Lewis program.
Dedication: Thanks to nakeisha for the worlds fastest beta! The whole American spelling versus English spelling thing is a challenge to me, since I can't spell!

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fandom fairytales from philleegirl

Lewis: Supper and Sympathy (Lewis/Hobson)

Title: Supper and Sympathy
Fandom: Lewis
Characters/Pairing: Robbie Lewis/Laura Hobson (in a pre-het sort of way)
Word Count: 1088
Rating: K
Summary: “Looking for someone to buy a tired old woman a drink.”
Author's Notes: No spoilers, but I can see this happening during the third season.
Dedication: For nakeisha. I have to thank her for the beta and the kind words after an upsetting experience.

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